Managerial Training

With us, the “person” is the heart of the business: Courses, meetings and training seminars for the company’s managerial figures.

We meet any training needs: Managers, young entrepreneurs, associates and employees with managerial functions.

In this context, the services provided are as follows:

  • Training of first appointment managers and performance appraisal
  • Operational interaction with company management for staff margin analysis
  • Establishment of enterprise courses on the principles and operational aspects of Management Consulting and Control.
  • Preparation of individual performance objectives and analysis of deviations from the plan.
  • Management training programs always focused on business.
  • Implement time management techniques, problem solving, decision-making, leadership and teamwork, brainstorming.
  • Possibility of obtaining financial issuance for training plans.

Our services are aimed at companies that have one or more needs for:

  • Increase Sales: spread an effective and active commercial spirit in the company, in the sales network and in distribution.
  • Defend prices: differentiate its offer from that of its competitors to defend margins.
  • Coping with change: overcome reorganizations and transitions in increasingly competitive and faster markets.
  • Motivate staff: develop a sense of corporate belonging to increase loyalty and commitment to achieve results.
  • Improve teamwork and organization: create greater internal synergies to better focus on the approach to markets.
  • Contain costs: focus on action priorities to reduce pockets of inefficiency and keep costs down.

Growing managerially: move from an operational / executive role to a managerial role for consolidation and business development.