Our Mission is to contribute to the GROWTH of companies created in the Albanian state. This type of work is possible thanks to market knowledge, regulations, accurate approach methods, relationships with government bodies, and the most qualified industrial and commercial environments, providing a range of services that take into account all the needs of Italian companies, offering them an opportunity to enter Albany. Created to develop new knowledge in organizational processes, production, marketing and sales, Consultrade Company operates with the aim of reconciling objectives and results, customer satisfaction and the benefit of the company, starting from business strategies, up to the planning and management of innovative integrated communication projects and with public relations, from the opening of activities in Albany and abroad to the organization of events. Consultrade Company always proposes a strategic approach, with the integration of methods and channels to activate and refine the delicate communication processes of companies and institutions. The mission is to define the role of the business, through all the necessary actions to help it achieve its vision.


To support companies and territories by providing services and solutions for value creation and sustainable growth. The changing roles of the bank’s management and traditional accountants require expertise and business advisory content. A STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT is the key.